Friday, 23 November 2012

Talking to audiences

Well folks, I have some dates for the New Year, to talk to writing groups at various Libraries in the area, as well as to a group of business and professional ladies. A bit nervous, but I guess I shouldn't be, I used to be a tutor at the local College, teaching Creative Writing, among other things, so standing up and talking in front of rooms full of people really doesn't worry me. I just hope they don't heckle me!  My second book 'Crazy Man Cade' is doing well and getting good reviews on Amazon. I am going to put my third Western straight on to Kindle next year. I am also working on another for Robert Hale, and my Romance is coming along well. Maybe next year will be even better than this!!
Here's hoping eh? See you all soon. X

Friday, 2 November 2012

Me and Johnny Depp!!!

Hey! Remember I told you I was in Writing Magazine this month? Well, just go and look a few pages further in, and you'll see my biggest hero, Johnny Depp! I'm in the same magazine as my hero!! YAY! Be better if I was in the same room.  I'm hoping that he'll get a copy of the mag, see that I write Westerns, and ask me for permission to turn one of my books into a fim for him to star in! He'd be a great leading man for my second one, 'Crazy Man Cade'. A girl's allowed a dream or two isn't she? Wouldn't you? I'm going to keep everything crossed for a while! X.