Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Research. Is it useless?

Hello out there! Hope you are all well? I was having a discussion with some other writers today about the differences between writing fiction and non-fiction.

Some of us have spent a heck of a long time (in my case, 3 years) in working on local history books, digging up obscure facts from hidden places, only to find no publisher is interested as the book will not be 'commercially viable' as the area the book is about, is too small for them to cover.

So now, what do we do with all that research? Leave it in the attic? Burn it? If we use it on our blogs, will other people use it in their books, which may even be published? It's a dilemma. Ho Hum. Think I'll stick to fiction, it doesn't take as long!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Howdy Guys and Girls.
I'm back! And waiting eagerly for my parcel of advance copies of my second Western. Busy writing the next one, as well as polishing off my first Contemporary Romance, which I'm seriously considering putting straight onto Kindle, although I might just try one or two publishers first, after a conversation with a writing friend today. I have two more of the Romances, at various stages of progress, so keep watching this space!
I hope you are all well, and coping with this awful weather!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Author Website

Why not take a trip to my website? The address is -
On my site you will find excerpts from my works in progress, news about those books, and articles, as well as short stories that I am working on. There will also be some of my poetry. (For those interested in the subject).

Recently, I have placed the first chapter of my second Western 'Crazy Man Cade' on the site, I hope that reading it will encourage you to buy the book (as well as the first 'The Ghosts of Poynter' of course!)

I would appreciate your comments, both on my blog, and of course, my website.
Many thanks to you all.  X

New Cowboy in town.

Jed Cade is coming to town. Prepare to have your hearts broken ladies! He's rough, tough, lean and mean. But he's got a soft centre.

'Crazy Man Cade' is on pre order at Amazon now. Don't miss him, he's waiting just for you. Honest!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm Back!! (I hope).

Hello all. I've been gone for a while, because I thought I'd lost my blog! So I set up another one, only to lose that too. Then I heard a friend say she'd experienced the same thing so I felt better about it.
Guess what? I came on line today on the offchance that I might find my old blog, and here it is! So maybe I'll be blogging a little more regularly again now.
However, now I know I'm back, I've got to go. It's tea time, and the food won't cook itself. I hope to see you all later with news about my latest books, about my friends books, about magazines, about animals, about ------ oh, you get it!!

See you all soon!!