Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Talk to Ladies Group.

Howdy. Last night, (Monday 28th January) I had the pleasure of giving a talk to the Business and Professional Women's Guild, aka Red Rose Ladies Social Group.What a nice lot of ladies they were! Having been told to expect between 12 and 20, imagine my surprise, as I watched nearer 50 roll in! It went really well, with a talk, and Q and A session, and I was told at the end, that they had never had such good interaction with a speaker before.
I read a short section from my first book, 'The Ghosts of Poynter' and you could hear a pin drop.One or two said they'd never read Westerns before, but would certainly give it a try now. Success!!! I was able to tell them about my getting the world wide large print rights for 'Ghosts', and the fact that the National Library of Wales, has two copies of both of my books in!
I enjoy public speaking, although my main enjoyment comes from teaching workshops. These ladies all have connections with other groups and organizations, and by the end of the night, they had all but cleaned me out of flyers and cards, so I'm hoping for more engagements to come from this.
I do have a couple of Library writing groups to attend this week also, but watch this space for what might come my way after this
See ya'all soon!

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